Reader Valentine’s Day Love Story: An Alternative To Romantic Dinners For Two

Valentine’s Day is probably the most emotionally charged day of the year — and we’re not just talking about lovey-dovey feelings. To celebrate cupid’s special day, we’re posting your stories about your best and worst Valentine’s Days. To submit, email [email protected] by Monday, Feb. 9, and include “Best Valentine’s Day” or “Worst Valentine’s Day” in the subject.

After the jump, Nora tells us how she’ll be celebrating Feb. 14.

My drinking buddies and I think the establishment of Valentine’s Day is BS and as such have decided this year we’re going to throw an all-night party entitled “Stop the Spread of VD Fun-Raiser” (VD stands for Valentine’s Day). Activities will include themed cocktails, ex-boyfriend voodoo dolls, a sexy secrets game, and “War of the Roses.” Singles and couples are welcome — we’re not against dating or romance we’re just fed up with the inevitable disappointment of people who set the bar too high for this holiday. We’ll let you know if it really does become our “best” Valentine’s Day! – Nora Nett