Ask The Astrosexologist: Naughty Sag Bored By Leo Boyfriend

I need your help, I’m a Sagittarius (11/23/88) and my boyfriend is a Leo (07/30/89). He’s a really nice guy and he gets along very well with my family, but I feel like he lets people tread all over him. His mom uses him and treats him like a stepchild, and he just takes it. She’s never encouraged him to go to college, and she never motivates him to be better. I’m tired of him being a momma’s boy.

I’m also tired of being the only person encouraging him to do something for himself. I help my mom by babysitting for my siblings, while I also have two jobs, go to school part time, and study for exams; I don’t have time for a loser BF. He does nothing with his life, so we never have anything to talk about. And then there’s our sex life. I feel like an idiot when I’m trying to talk dirty. He’s quiet ALL the time, even in the middle of sex, and it’s always the same two positions. Our sex life is boring, despite the fact that I try so hard by wearing sexy and provocative things. He won’t even spank me! I just don’t know if I should stay with Mr. Nice Guy. – Ms. Naughty GirlA relationship is SO over as soon as you start referring to your man as the “loser boyfriend.” Honey, you don’t need to be psychic or have any special abilities to see this situation is bad. Lover boy is just not compatible with you — in bed, in life, and obviously not in love. Although you’re both fire signs, he’s not on the same plane as you. Sure, you can sit around and hope it changes, but that is a fatal move in a majority of relationships — never go into them or stay in them trying to change someone else. Always know the guy you hook up with comes “as is,” and make the most of what you got.

In your case, you don’t sound like you respect this guy at all, and he’s some sort of charity case — which is never OK in a relationship. As a Sagittarius, you tend to be idealistic, hoping to offer up inspiration to help others and teach. Plus, you have a Taurus moon, which is your downfall in this situation, as Taurus moons tend to want to stay put and stick to a comfort zone. Trust me — it will only make you more bitter. You’ve already referred to him as a loser boyfriend in this letter — so where else can this go from there? Time to break up!

It’s obvious you need a man that is going to rock your world hard, has a life of his own, and, most of all, ambition. You can’t wait for change to happen with this guy, because it won’t, and even if it did, it would be too late — you already have it in your mind that he’s lame. The only thing you can do is to take responsibility for yourself and get yourself into a relationship that you can grow from, rather than just sit around and complain.

If you want someone smutty, then you’re going to have to go out there and find it. Best to take the reins for your life by dumping Leo boy ASAP — like Monday, Feb. 9th, when the Leo full moon eclipse hits your house of idealism. This will also give you time to heal and be ready to take advantage of the extra long stay Venus has in Aries (now until April 11). This will go into super turbo charge for you on March 21, and it’s all happening in your romance house, putting you right in line with a cycle of impetuous love affairs, raunch, and all those daring and dirty things you are drawn to. Enough sitting around for Mr. Nowhere Guy. Get in the glory of being Ms. Naughty Girl!

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