Reader Valentine’s Day Sob Story: A Garbage Disposal Eruption

Valentine’s Day is probably the most emotionally charged day of the year — and we’re not just talking about lovey-dovey feelings (though there is a lot of that). To celebrate cupid’s special day, we’re posting your stories about your best and worst Valentine’s Days. To submit, just email by Monday, Feb. 9, and include “Best Valentine’s Day” or “Worst Valentine’s Day” in the subject.

After the jump, Kirsten tells how her garbage disposal ruined Valentine’s Day for her and a repairman’s wife.

On our fifth Valentine’s Day together I made dinner (this is shocking, you must understand). We had the fire, the candles, the skimpy lingerie. I was cleaning up the kitchen a tiny bit, and then the disposal overflowed. I’m not talking a little bit of a gurgle, I’m talking food all over the floor. The apartment complex repairman was able to install a new disposal that evening, however, the mood was basically ruined. I ended up sending much of night with the repairman, whose wife was pissed because he had to take the emergency call that evening. – Kirsten Crombie