Joanna Angel On Kissing In Porn

Beyond those “Boogie Nights” and the rise of video, internet porn has really been putting the lick in click. Still, there seems to be something missing from porn — good old-fashioned making out. Susan Walsh asks: “Is Porn Changing The Way We Kiss?” Sucking face is an essential part of lovemaking, baby! So, we decide to ask Joanna Angel, the punk rock porn star and female founder of, why there isn’t a lot of kissing in porn.THE FRISKY: What is it like to kiss someone on camera? Is it more awkward to kiss another performer than it is to get them off?

JOANNA ANGEL: I guess kissing is a little more personal than getting someone off if that makes any sense at all … Sometimes it can be a little weird, but I haven’t felt weird in a while. You just get used to it.

THE FRISKY: Why do you think there is not a lot of kissing in porn?

JOANNA ANGEL: Most of the positions that are camera friendly in porn just aren’t very conducive to kissing — like, you can’t really kiss in doggy, or reverse cowgirl. Also, when I am on camera, I like to get really loud! And when you are kissing, you can’t really go crazy and yell things like “F*#% me harder!” and stuff like that. If people were kissing 80 percent of the time in a scene, that scene would probably be a really quiet scene … and most people, performers and directors, just don’t like that so much.

THE FRISKY: As a star in both girl-on-girl and girl-on-guy porn, does one require more kissing? Do you think women or men are more inclined to go in for a kiss?

JOANNA ANGEL: I think some performers really like to kiss, and some don’t like to kiss that much. Ultimately, we are all basically doing a more exaggerated version of what we do in our personal lives. People who kiss a lot at home in their sex lives will kiss a lot on camera, and people who don’t, won’t. I guess I am not a big kissing person. I mean, I like it and all, but I am not the type of person who kisses the whole time they are f*#%ing — on and off camera.

THE FRISKY: There’s a theory floating around that our twentysomething contemporaries don’t kiss as much for foreplay as our parent’s generation did back in the 70’s, because we watch a lot of porn and there isn’t much making out in adult movies. What do you think of ther theory that pornography is killing kissing?

JOANNA ANGEL: OK. Well, just like clothing styles change, and music changes from generation to generation, the way people f*#% also changes. People f*#%ed differently in the 50’s, and in the 60’s, and in the 70’s … I mean, obviously, some things have stayed the same, but things have changed. Older people do different things in bed than younger people, and I think that the content you see on internet porn sites is being directed by younger people and the performers are most often between the ages of 18 and 35. I am a director and a performer; I have people do things on camera that I have fantasized about on my own. A lot of the performers who work for me are just doing things they fantasize about on screen, or they are doing what they do at home, but a little louder and a little more exaggerated. So, it’s sort of a what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg kind of argument. Is porn changing because people are f*#%ing differently behind closed doors? Or are people changing the way they f*#% because of what they saw in a porno? I personally never watched porn growing up. A lot of the girls who work for me have never watched porn. So, I personally think that my generation is just having slightly different sex than we did in the 70’s and that’s being put on camera. Did porn kill kissing? Or are people in general just not kissing as much as they used to? I think I agree with the latter conclusion.

THE FRISKY: As a woman pornographer that runs her own company and stars in her own films, you have a lot of control over what gets done. How does kissing rank in your order of importance?

JOANNA ANGEL: Unfortunately, I just don’t think it’s THAT important. It’s really important to me for the girl to have an orgasm. I want there to be at least one big, crazy, intense, ridiculous screaming and yelling orgasm moment for every girl who works for me. I just think there is nothing hotter than a girl having an orgasm. If that orgasm entails kissing, then I would like there to be kissing, but if not, then I just don’t care so much.

THE FRISKY: What do you think your audience thinks of kissing in porn?

JOANNA ANGEL: The two post popular requests I get from viewers are: a) more oral sex on the girl, and b) more anal from girls. I haven’t gotten that many requests for more kissing. Maybe that’s because people don’t care about kissing that much, OR my porn just has the adequate amount of kissing in it.

THE FRISKY: Could you give us regular gals, who aren’t porn stars, some kissing tips?

JOANNA ANGEL: When I was younger, I used to just jam my tongue down people’s throats. Finally, when I was, like, 22, someone told me that it really didn’t feel good at all. So, DON’T DO THAT! Kissing is supposed to be soft and gentle, and if you are doing it right, you should feel it in your whole body.