When I Die, Can I Get Botox?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and taking pride in your appearance. But looking your best has been taken to a new extreme, as more people are opting to get cosmetic surgery and enhancements — after they’re dead. Morticians are getting an increase in requests in cosmetic procedures when it comes to how the the deceased will look like at the funeral. The requests have included lip plumping, smoothing wrinkles and even boosting sagging parts. People are making advanced arrangements for these final procedures to be done for the viewing at their funerals. Is it that serious? Morticians typically do a bit of touching up to corpses, or as they call it, “restorative art.” This can include setting a peaceful facial expression or styling their nails, hair and makeup. But apparently, a little bit of concealer and lip gloss isn’t enough anymore! Dr. Anthony Young, who’s appeared on “Dr. 90210″ said, “Fifty years ago no one would have thought about how good they’re going to look when they die, but now that’s probably something the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ talk about. If they die, they want to look good in their casket. It’ll be the last time to show off their new outfit and their plumped lips.” I bet Tamra would so opt for Botox. Mary Rambin too.

Just how vain of a society do we live in? And how vain are we as individuals? I always care about what I look like when I walk out the house, and even though I hate it, I care what other people think about me and my appearance. So why should we stop caring just because we’re dead? To go as far as to have cosmetic procedures done when you’re just going to end up lying lifeless in a casket may seem completely over the top and ridiculous, but it kind of makes sense. The funeral is the last time anyone will ever see you again, so maybe there is nothing wrong with wanting to look radiant as you cross over to the afterlife. And if you don’t plan in advance what what you’re going to look like when you die, just when will you get around to doing it? [MSNBC]