Study Finds Scars Make Men Sexier

While my Jewish grandmother could probably give you a bunch of different reasons why I’m still single, researchers from the Universities of Liverpool and Stirling think they’ve solved my problem. Last week, The Frisky’s resident cutie pie, Catherine, asked us to confess what turns us on. Here’s what I admitted:

“I love a man with scars, especially from acne. I can’t explain the attraction. Sometimes I have to ask myself: ‘Am I into this guy or am I just hot for his acne scars?”

It’s true. My friends tease me like I’m some sort of scar-fetishist because I always go for dudes with “damage.” To them I say the old Apple Jack’s slogan, “Hey, we eat what we like!” I like me a face full of scars and apparently I’m not alone…. The U.K. scientists found that most women are more attracted to men who’ve been busted open and stitched back up because it signifies that a man is strong, with good genes, a sturdy constitution, and “above average masculinity.” Ooooh yeah, like Harrison Ford’s chin scar or Joaquin Phoenix’s lip slit! So manly!

But before I go around saying “Boo-ya!” to all my judgmental buddies, the study continues to argue that ladies like those kinds of guys because bad boys are good fling material. We just want to roll in the hay with those kinda cowpokes. Ouch, that one cuts deep — I’m not exactly the long term relationship type. So, does this study mean my love of scars is keeping me single?! Ugh. I’ll just chalk that up on the board of reasons I’m alone, right under my miniature collection. [Telegraph]