Engagement Rings For Hard Times

Valentine’s Day is the second-biggest time of year for wedding proposals, but the average amount spent on an engagement ring is expected to drop 9.8 percent this year, down to $2,900. Well, hard times don’t have to mean forgoing a ring altogether. Whether you want a real (but tiny) diamond, or something that looks like a diamond, you have options, even if you or your love are just scraping by. Remember, it’s not about the ring, well, unless you’re a Diamond Digger.

Herkimer Diamond Solitaire, $100, EricaWeiner.com
Jeweler on the Roof Diamond, Platinum, And Gold Ring, $175, Etsy.com
Diamond Ring Silver, $125, MoMAStore.org
beyondtherockz Stackable 18K Gold Diamond Ring, $165, Etsy.com
10K Gold Tiny Flower Ring with Diamond, $155, MeAndRoJewelry.com
The Beside by Macha Karis Rockwell Ring, $165, Etsy.com
Metalicious Modern Rock Sterling Ascher Cut, $65, Etsy.com
Beth Cyr Jewelry 14K Gold Love Knot Tree Bark Ring, $520, Etsy.com

P.S. If you’re nowhere near the engagement stage in your relationship, these rings work for everyday, too.