Celebrity Men Who Were Hot Until They Opened Their Mouths

As we all know, TMZ has treated us to the audio of the f-bomb tirade Christian Bale launched on a director of photography while filming “Terminator Salvation.” We found Bale’s rant to be rather unprofessional…and unbelievable. We didn’t realize he could be such a douche bag, which got us thinking about other male celebs who lost their hotness when they opened their big fat mouths.

  • After hearing Bale wail on that dude, we kind of think it’s possible he could have assaulted his mother and sister back in July 2008.
  • Mel Gibson had a huge following until his anti-semetic comments to police officers validated criticisms of “Passion of the Christ.”
  • Although there are tons of fans that still love Usher after he defended his wife on “TRL,” he just looked pathetic to us. Who was he really trying to convince? Himself.
  • Isaiah Washington quickly lost cool points after it was revealed that he called his “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star, T.R. Knight, a gay slur.
  • Russell Crowe’s phone-throwing incident backed up rumors of his awful temper. Unfortunately, there isn’t any audio of the incident, but we’re sure he said a few choice words before hurling that telephone at the Mercer Hotel employee.
  • Remember when Tom Cruise was so in love that he lost it on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”? Well after his many fans realized he was totally controlling Katie Holmes, they abandoned him. And then he further alienated followers when he criticized Brooke Shields for taking drugs to treat postpartum depression.
  • Honorable Mention

  • He’s definitely not hot, but Michael Richards’s career quickly cooled off after his racist rant, while performing stand-up comedy.