Mother Of 14 Sees Dollar Signs In Her Octuplets’ Eyes

As you’ve probably already read, Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old woman who gave birth to octuplets last week, already has six kids also conceived via in-vitro fertilization, bringing grand total of mouths-to-feed to 14. This revelation has caused a ton of controversy, as Suleman has been described by her own mother as “obsessed with having children since she was a teenager.” Suleman, apparently, has no interest in getting marriage and the paternity of all the children is unknown, though some believe she used a sperm donation from a friend. Suleman was unable to conceive naturally and her last relationship was before the birth of her first child. Additionally, there is speculation that Suleman lied to her doctor in order to be allowed to have her last four frozen embryos be planted. The four became eight due to her hyperstimulated reproductive system, but when doctors discovered that she was carrying seven babies (the eight was a delivery room surprise!), they asked if she would abort any of the fetuses. She refused. According to doctors, “in choosing to carry all eight to term, Ms. Suleman ignored guidelines, risking both their health and her own.” Needless to say, but this bitch is CRAZY.Now comes word that Suleman wants a hefty paycheck for her story — she’s apparently asking for $2 million from suitors for sit-down media interviews and is actually seeking sponsors to help her support, clothe, and feed her 14 children. Additionally, Suleman isn’t satisfied just appearing on someone else’s TV show — she wants her own, in which she’ll appear as a childcare expert. For the record, Suleman and her kids live in a two bedroom house with her parents, who assist in helping her care for her children and are facing serious financial trouble themselves. While I certainly don’t think that the right to have children should be determined by how much money you make, shouldn’t someone step in when a person is clearly making dangerous and irrational parenting decisions BEFORE the children are actually born?

Look, considering, uh, the bitch is crazy, I doubt that her kids’ well-being was foremost on her mind. And given the positive media coverage, not to mention financial perks, families like the Duggars have received, it’s no wonder Suleman thinks “the more the merrier!” [Times Online U.K.]