Does A Big Chin Equal A Big Cheater?

If you think it’s obvious why most men aren’t exactly lining up to date Rumer Willis, think again. According to a new study it may not be just because they find that big chin unattractive. Researchers say a prominent chin can be a “telltale sign that a woman will be unfaithful.” Hmm, can someone say Claire Danes? Perhaps, Hillary Swank? A team of psychologists questioned a group of young women on their sexual histories and fantasies, and then asked a group of men to rate them as potential future partners. Results of the survey found that although women with masculine features are generally more sexually active than other women, men actually have an instinctive fear of them. The study suggests men fear the big-chinned women of the world because such a feature indicates high testosterone levels, something guys equate with being unfaithful. Hmm, wonder wonder where they ever got an idea like that? “Psychologists believe the reaction against women with large chins is due to an evolutionary desire to have a partner who is faithful, so producing children for only one man.”

Maybe this finally explains what happened between Brad and Gwynnie way back when, hmm?? [Daily Mail U.K.]