In Bed With … The Killers’ Brandon Flowers

Born: June 21, 1981, Las Vegas, NV
Sun Sign: Cancer
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Aquarius
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Gemini

Love Style:

Love with this emo hottie is a never ending tale of madness and emotion. When it comes to all matters of romance, he floats at the extremes, placing importance on the intellectual and emotional connections in a relationship. He needs someone to love and nurture, but also a partner who will stimulate and expand his mind. This makes the sexual connection the least of his priorities in the initial part of any relationship, as that is something he develops. Besides, he’s not the most physically aggressive creature, so he’s prone to delicate and playful relations in which there’s room for everyone, as his friendships are also his main priority, as is his own identity. However, since he is so family orientated, for him, finding a partner that is mother material is vital. He’ll get her training with his friends and eventually graduate to procreation. What seals the deal is helping him run a tight community that brings out his best side — expressing his unique ideals that revolve around innovation, romance and art.

Sex Style:

Despite being a Mormon, Brandon is no prude when it comes to sex. He might have waited, but he most likely was busting a nut for that moment, as he’s got the aspects of a dreamy little perv. As an air and water mix, this makes him highly curious and broadminded when it comes to sex. Not one to go the traditional route, he’s into delving into the human psyche and discovering all the ways to get off — and that can include many combinations of people and objects. Sure, at the end of the day he’s fairly traditional and he’ll commit to one for emotional reasons, as his Cancerian ways require him to have a home base for his heart, but his mind doesn’t work the same way. That means his sexual desires will always lean towards quirky fantasies, like sexualizing things that are not sexual. Chances are, he’ll be into using props with a technological bent, as he tends to have a scientific approach to sex. However, the main source of his preferred pleasure could be masturbation.

His Type:

Brandon is a total sap and he knows it. His perfect match is someone that can appreciate that in him, be able to handle that level of intensity, but also know how to set a light mood and keep him motivated. Yes, a sense of humor is imperative, as someone to balance his many dark moods, yet be understanding, is the only one to do the job. Of course, a major duty is being the one to draw boundaries and act like a parental type that can decipher his messages and know how to properly dole out comfort, tough love or space. Another vital quality is sharing some sort of familiar bond that links to his past, as he is highly sentimental. Someone that can understand his history is best at understanding him on all levels and can stay two steps ahead of him — to love him is to know how to be his safety net and the one that inspires him to want to take giant leaps of faith.

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