Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of January 30th 2009

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, we’re giving away prizes! Each week we’ll award five of you an awesome internet chatty Cathy’s a little something special. This weeks winner’s will receive the Sunny Seed Drops. So, without further adieu, here are the lucky winners of this week’s Gift For Gab… Most Functional Rack and Caboose
Lynn in How To Make Your Rack The Center Of Attention
Lynn certainly uses her body well.

“They sure do have a purpose! My boobs and my badonkadonk show that I’m a woman, not a man or a prepubescent kid. That’s their function. And I’m happy to attract men who like women! Plus, when I sit on my guy’s lap I don’t stab him with a bony ass, and when I’m sitting in front of the TV (alone!) I can use my rack as a table to rest my plate on. So functional!”

Proudest Porn Reveller
CheeeeEEEEse in Revealed: Guys’ Secret Porn Folders!
This guy must have quite an impressive porn collection.

“My fraternity had a server called NNEC (Naughty Naughty Entertainment Committee). Personally I don’t hide mine, its got its own dedicated drive.”

Most Creative Job Seeker
jazzyj in PETA’s Too Hot For TV Super Bowl Ad
In this recession, some of us might have to go back to our college guinea pig days, but this time being a test subject will be sexier.

“How would they know vegetarians have better sex? Is there a study going on with couples carni vs non carni with electrodes hooked up to their bodies while they scrump to gauge their responses? Do they get paid for participation? Might be fun…”

Sex Lies Debunker of the Week
The Nomad in The Biggest Lies We’re Told About Sex
The Nomad added some lies that we knew about, but hope all men figure out soon.

“The longer the sex, the better. Penetration for 30 minutes straight, no matter how many positions, makes me sore and/or bored. If she doesn’t orgasm, she isn’t enjoying it / you’re doing it wrong. Some days an orgasm simply isn’t in the cards. It does not mean that I am not enjoying myself or that there is something wrong with me/my partner.”

Best Trend Finder
par3 in Garter Belts For Men
A world of androgyny would be boring and unfashionable.

“It’s like – fashion’s quest of the creation of androgynous humans. (menswear for ladies, man makeup, and all the hosts on ANTM- jay manuel and miz.J- and now men in garters). would this be the only way to end gay discrimination…to blur the traditional styles that separate men and women and create a superandrogynous species!? idk… i’m rambling sci-fi now.”

Congratulations to this week’s winners! Next week, we’ll be giving away a brooch, earrings, and a bracelet from 1928 Jewelry to five lucky readers. Good luck and keep on commentin’!