Blonde Hair Could Help You Get Through The Recession

According to an unscientific data from hairdresser Andrew Barton in the U.K., more women are getting their hair dyed blonde to cope with the recession. Barton has seen a 67 percent increase in the sales of his blonde hair products compared to the same time last year. “I don’t believe it is purely a coincidence that there’s been a huge sales rise in blonde hair products during these tough financial times,” said Barton. “Many of my female clients say they feel more confident, more youthful and more attractive when they go blonde and they get more attention.” And, as we all know, more attention from men, means more free drinks and dinners. However, it technically would cost more to dye your hair than it would to leave it your natural color, plus blonde hair is much more expensive to maintain, so you also would have more money if you decided to go back to being a brunette. Yes, you’d probably get less attention, but you wouldn’t have to endure two hours of conversation with a man you don’t even like just to eat. Decisions, decisions. [Telegraph U.K.]