Superbowl Commercials: Bring On The Hot Hunks

Superbowl Sunday is almost here! While I’m gearing up for an exciting event featuring men wrestling each other in tight pants, there is another kind of sexual objectification to keep score of during the commercials. Sure, there is guaranteed to be beer commercial after beer commercial with slutty wenches using their sex to sell a brew, why can’t there be a few ads featuring hot dudes selling gals like me stuff? After all, 37.7 million women are watching!

While the troubling double standard of using sex to sell merchandise has been irking women for ages, a study, recently published by the Journal of Consumer Research, claimed that sex doesn’t sell well to women unless it comes from someone playing the role of a committed boyfriend or husband. For example, if a dude opens a jewelry box and says, “Happy Anniversary, baby,” the monogamous male makes you want that diamond necklace bad. As if, behavioral scientists! Men can be just a pretty face and hot body to women, and our pocket books are also just as up for grabs.

Heck, I buy things all the time just because I think the sales guy is fine. I’m now the proud owner of a $400 Blackberry for the simple reason that I liked watching the hot clerk take the cell out of his hip holster. Do I think Mr. T-Mobile is my one true love? No. Was he even trying to ask me out on a date? No. But after 15 minutes of watching him flex with a phone, he could have got me to buy anything he put his hands on.

When I’m staring at a model sauntering around, I’m not thinking, “Is he responsible enough to father my children?” or even, “Is he heterosexual?” When I’m worshiping a spokesmodel from afar, I will absolutely associate the arm candy’s attraction with the product. This correlation is something we most certainly have in common with men. Sure, women might respond better to a warm fuzzy Hallmark commercial, but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes lustily objectify men. We do it all the time, naturally.

Last year, NBC caught on and capitalized on our attraction to the babelicious Tom Brady by providing extra shots of him with a special “Tommy-Cam,” solely there to track his every sexy move. How long is it going to take before advertisers realize sex sells to women too?