Slideshow: The Frisky’s Favorite Plus Sized Pin Ups

Big girl bombshell Beth Ditto has already made us swoon with her songs and her sass, but now she’s going to conquer a business that has typically seemed a little small minded for a lady like her- fashion. Known for her outtasight onstage getups made of metallic spandex and her tasty Tracey Turnblad-esque print dresses, everyone has been taking notice of the lead singer of The Gossips’ bold personal style and sense of self- especially Lisa Marie Peacock. The head designer of Evans’, a plus size chain store in the UK, is reportedly canoodling with the saucy singer about rocking her look for the clothing line. Set to debut this June, it sounds like Beth’s got big plans to wrap the whole world in gold lamé! But even more than the news of her desire to dress us up in her love is the fact that she’s among a growing crop of cuties with a bootie getting noticed for all their assets. Empowering people of all sizes makes every lady look and feel her best. So, in honor of the women who are showing the range of size stardom can come in, here are the Frisky’s favorite Plus Size Pin Ups:

Beth Ditto Ditto has already proved her taste level with her handmade “Punk Will Never Diet” T-shirt.
Sara Ramirez This “Grey’s Anatomy” doctor has got a case of dangerously sexy curves.
Jill Scott This singer/songwriter is stacked…with three Grammy Awards.
Adele This plus size honey has attracted a lot of fly gigs from Saturday Night Live to MTV.
Macy Gray Singer Macy Gray has been working on her own fashion line called Humps.
Mia Tyler
Nigella Lawson

Queen Latifa Latifa puts the Queen in Queen size.
Mo’Nique Host and producer of the plus sized he’s so loud and proud about her curves, she made a documentary to inspire women.
Aretha Franklin Aretha’s bow at Obama’s Inauguration got almost as much attention on blogs as the President himself!