Five Reasons Why We’d Love An Obama Baby

By now you’ve heard the totally unsubstantiated rumor that Michelle Obama might be pregnant. The chances of it being true are slim. After all, having just turned 45 years old, Michelle is of the age where it’s very difficult to conceive naturally, and something tells me that she and Barack (Is it disrespectful to be on a — one-sided — first name basis with the President and the First Lady?) aren’t making top secret trips to the fertility clinic. So, knowing this rumor is most likely going to end up being just that — a rumor — we can’t help but feel a little giddy at the thought of an Obama baby. Five reasons why, after the jump…1. Maternity Clothes Would Get Much More Chic: Look at the style influence Michelle has already had on regular womenswear. Now imagine if maternity wear designers had to get hip in order to service the clothing needs of a pregnant First Lady. These styles would trickle down to other affordable lines and we would all benefit!

2. People Would Finally STFU About How Cute Suri Cruise Is: Seriously, I am sick of that kid. Little Sasha Obama has helped move Suri out of the spotlight, but a Baby Obama could put her on the permanent back burner.

3. The Bar Would Be SET For Celebrity Baby Pics Prices: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? She cost pennies. Max and Emme Lopez-Anthony? HA, a pittance! The Obamas couldn’t profit from pics of their new little one, but maybe a little charity known as the American economy could?

4. We Could Play The Lil’ Obama Dating Game!: When he or she has reached 18, with whom will they discover young love? Zuma Nest Rock Rossdale? Or Vivienne Jolie-Pitt? Just not Tripp Palin-Johnston please.

5. President Obama Would Get Even Sexier: Seriously, nothing makes a woman sweat like a man carrying around a kid in a Baby Bjorn. Especially if he’s the President.