Ask The Astrosexologist: I’m Dating A Crazy Libra!

I’m a strong Aquarius and my partner is a Libra. She and I started out as friends; we met through a drama club and a community service club. She would flirt with me and I would flirt back — at the time, I had no idea that I was a lesbian. We quickly became very sexual-hump buddies and then I kissed her in the heat of the moment. Three months later we started having sexy-time-escapades. Then she said she actually liked me; I hesitated, but I said I liked her too. So, we’ve been dating for about two years now, but I still have a desire to be free.

She can be very controlling and manipulating. I’ve wanted to break up with her, but she threatens to kill herself. Recently, I decided that I would break up with her because I am about to go to college and I really want a clean, focused state of mind upon entering college — but I can’t do it. I just don’t know what to do about this situation and in my opinion it is getting out of control. The first time she gave me oral sex we got in a HUGE fight right before — I regret that so much. Basically, our relationship is based on sexual desire with a hint of friendship. She is all about being out about being gay and letting everyone know, but I don’t like that idea. I just don’t know what to do. – Ms. AquaYikes, gals like her only reinforce the U-haul lesbian stereotype! Yes, she sounds totally self-obsessed, because nowhere in this does it sound like she cares about what you want. You want to end it; she threatens to kill herself. She is out and proud; you’re confused about where you want to go with all this. It doesn’t matter if this is a girl or a boy or a Libra or a Virgo, it’s a bad match for you. As an Aquarius, you can be too lenient about how others treat you, accepting compromise too early rather than realizing a bad situation when you feel it — especially when there is something sexually intriguing involved. Plus, the dark side of Libra is that they can turn into codependent freaks and once they hook themselves in, it’s as if they grow into you. If it’s not a two way street, then woe is the person they are attached to. They can be relentless and shameless too — they always have an excuse to play up the cluelessness and will find a way to get to you wherever you are.

However, Feb. 9th is around the corner, bringing a full moon eclipse into your partnership house, which means this is a really good time to end this sham. All you have to do is be blunt and tell her you’re not into it. She hasn’t earned much more than that. She sounds like a psycho and the more you give, the more she will try to plead her case. If you don’t make a clean break from her, then you will never be free.

You have up to two weeks from this date where the energy is best for you — you’re currently in a cycle that can help you come to terms with your sexuality, relationships and identity, so take this chance while it’s hot. Eclipses are powerful forces. You have your whole life ahead of you — you’re in school (or about to go) and there is no reason you should be screwing around with your future by a draining drama queen that only is out to control you. Wasting time in the wrong stops in life only backs up karma from flowing in the right way. As for her, she is a Libra, after enough persistence in getting you back, she will give up and eventually become someone else’s problem. That is how all crazy Libras are, they cry wolf, act as if they’re dying and then try and try to get you back, but all the while they never stop looking for someone to attach themselves to and in time, they always do.

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