Mary Rambin Responds: We’ve Failed (As Women) Too!

I tried to hold back posting about this again today, but then I realized most of you don’t follow Mary Rambin’s blog as avidly as I do — I also like to watch “Intervention” while eating and have been known to wear open-toed shoes in the snow, so it’s not like I’m against torturing myself. Anyway, I thought you all might like to read her apology. Or sort of apology. And we (the royal “we” that encompasses women appalled by her abortion/Botox comparison) get a shout out! Ahem…

“I want to say it was never my intention to offend anyone with the Roe v. Wade reference. Of course I don’t think Botox ridicule is even close to comparable to the mental anguish women go through in even considering an abortion. And I think EVERYONE knows that. Most of you realized that wasn’t my message. My point was be confident in your choices. But abortion was the easy target point in the post. My apologies to those of you who have gone through the hardship and heartache of abortion and were offended. I can’t imagine what the struggle must be like for you even as the days pass. For those of you who chose to use that as your headline and completely missed the real message I was trying to send, you have failed as a reporter and as a woman.”

Well, nevermind the fact that a good chunk of my post focused on just the subject of Botox and how I don’t really care if she gets it, just that she should probably think about the repercussions of an industry that preys on the insecurities of women and that getting Botox and talking about it as if it were this brave choice hardly does a service to your bajillions of supposed readers.

Then I got to the abortion part. Which, you know, was kind of the crux of her argument that people who get cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be judged. And when you use one of the biggest issues in the women’s rights movement as the single example of why shooting your overly tanned face up with botulism, I hardly think criticizing you for that is “missing the real message.” Because if your argument is that convoluted and hard to follow (and filled with many spelling errors, FYI) you might want to edit it. Or rewrite it. Or just scrap the whole crap idea to begin with.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the faux empathy for those who have gone through “the hardship and heartache of abortion” and “the mental anguish” they experience. THAT is a whole other rant and I’m worried all this rage is giving me wrinkles.