If Women Feel Most Beautiful At 32, What Happens At 33?

Great news for those of us who are 32: we’re totally hot! At least, this is the age we report feeling the most beautiful, anyway. A new survey of 1500 women found that 40% of respondents said they felt most attractive at this age. At 32 women say their life “had the mix of confidence gained from life experience, an active love life and the pleasure of eating and drinking sensibly.” Hmm…do women not have that at 33 anymore? Or at 38, or 43, or 50? While I would hope these things would continue well past 32, some psychologist named Sandra Wheatley says this is “really encouraging” news because it means women are placing value on life experiences and achievements instead of just how shiny there hair is or how perky their boobs are. She told the Daily Mail: “It sounds to me like women are becoming much more swayed by personality. It’s a sign that we are valued for who we are and what we are capable of, not just what is on the surface. Feeling beautiful is tied in with confidence and life experience. At 32, a woman has been through and survived more experiences and achieved more than at 22.” Yes, but hasn’t she survived even more at 52? Isn’t the real argument here that in addition to the added confidence a woman may have at 32 that she lacked ten years earlier, she actually looks better, too. At that age she still has relatively youthful skin, good hair and a firm body, as well as a more honed personal style, and larger income to buy quality clothing, pay higher-end hair stylists, and afford those Pilates classes that lengthen her posture. So, sorry Dr. Wheatley, but as much as we value our life experiences and achievements, what’s “on the surface” is still pretty important, too — at least when it comes to how beautiful we feel. [Telegraph]

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