Who Should Prince Harry Date Next?

Chelsy Davy dumped Prince Harry. After five years together, she just couldn’t stand his lifestyle. WHAT?! Apparently she is the only woman in the world who doesn’t have the princess fantasy. While somebody should get her some Disney movies, STAT, we’ll speculate as to who would love to love Prince Harry next, after the jump…

Dita Von Teese: This glamour queen already met his papa, Prince Charles, back in July and he unwittingly asked her to “dance” at Harry’s birthday party. Surprise, Daddy got you a cougar! Ms. Von Teese could give him the life experience he’s been looking for.

Freida Pinto: The statuesque star was a model up until her breakthrough role in “Slumdog Millionaire,” but why stop there when she could be a billionaire? From a former British colony, this goddess could be the first Indian woman in Buckingham Palace to be worshiped.

Anne Hathaway: Anne has already played a princess on the big screen, now this is her chance to be one for reals. She only likes the finer things in life and her last boyfriend couldn’t keep up with her demands. Money buckets Harry could whisk her away and keep her satisfied.

Katy Perry: Newly single, this button-pushing pop star could compliment the stunt-pulling Prince. They’re both born to be publicly wild! Can’t you just see her getting married at the Palace in a white satin romper?

Michael K: K could definitely put the sexy buck in Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry should really go gay for the silver tongued blogger from DListed! He already has a pet name for his favorite red headed stud: Prince Hot Ginge.