What Turns Women On? Women Confess Their Secret Sexual Fantasies

In last weekend’s New York Times Magazine, “What Do Women Want?” took a deep look into what really arouses women. A study by professor Meredith Chivers at Queen’s University in Ontario monitored men’s and women’s levels of sexual arousal while they watched various video clips: heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, a man masturbating, a woman masturbating, a chiseled man walking naked on a beach, a well-toned woman doing calisthenics in the nude, and monkeys having sex. Among the findings? Women are much more turned on by gay sex and monkey sex than they admit. What else turns women on that they don’t confess to anyone? We asked nine women to tell us their secret sexual fantasies.

“Once, my now ex-boyfriend asked me to pretend I was a robot. I was totally into it.” – Eleanor

“I love a man with scars, especially from acne. I can’t explain the attraction. Sometimes I have to ask myself: ‘Am I into this guy or am I just hot for his acne scars?'” – Simcha

“The idea of having anal sex totally grosses me out, and, frankly, the one time I tried it, I hated it. But for some reason, anal porn is totally hot. Maybe it’s so taboo for me in real life, that watching it satiates any interest.” – Tara

“What turns me on even though it shouldn’t is flirting with someone who’s not my boyfriend. The whole concept of getting attention makes me feel sexy.” – Veronique

“Guys that wear jewelry is a new turn on for me, but I hate admitting that because I always HATED when guys wore jewelry. I thought it was cheesy. It was right up there with overly gelled hair and tips.” – Andrea

“I think I have some kind of Clark Kent obsession, because lately I cannot get enough of men in glasses. There is something very sexy about taking them off when you’re hooking up. Like you’re making them vulnerable because they can’t really see without them.” – Laura

“I am a complete and total filthy dirty talker. Words I would never use in real life totally make me hot during sex. I blush just thinking about it. – Kendall

“Recently I discovered spanking and it is the best thing ever. Seriously, maybe it’s the fact that the dude I’m doing appreciates my body so much, but having my butt slapped is such an intimate turn on.” – Aimee

“I’m into gay porn. Unfortunately, in the sack, most of the dudes I date aren’t into watching it, so it’s my guilty private pleasure. Gay for pay is my favorite genre. The way guys go at it naked is like a wrestling match, but tender. It puts on display a side of themselves they only feel comfortable showing another man. With women, men try to pick one and hide this duality — the rough combined with a sensitive. But it really comes out and it is so natural for them when their together with another man. – Jax

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