The Biggest Lies We’re Told About Sex

We’ve been lied to by our parents, the media and our social, educational, and religious institutions. The messages they’ve given us regarding sex have been contradictory or absolutely false. In order to combat the lies (and to stop lying to ourselves), has come up with a list of the biggest lies we’re told about sex. Please add to this incomplete list in the comments.

  • Sex is genetic. Male sexuality is voracious and dangerous, whereas female sexuality is a side effect of the need for women to have babies!
  • Sex is natural and simple. You should just know how to do it.
  • Sex is gender. Men are from sex-crazed Mars, while women are from soft and romantic Venus.
  • Sex is spontaneous. The most exciting sex is the sex that just happens without any planning.
  • The bigger the better.
  • More frequent the better. And better is best.
  • Sex is special. It’s a rare transformative moment, kind of like a non-renewable resource.
  • We can make it on our own. Sexual pleasure on our own terms is the same as sexual independence.
  • There’s a right way and a wrong way to have sex.
  • One person’s great sex will be your great sex.
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