Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe: $180,000 Sitting In Trash Bags

Remember all the hoopla about how much Gov. Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe cost? And remember how the Republican National Committee promised to donate the clothes to charity after the election? Well guess what? The $180,000 wardrobe is sitting in trash bags at the RNC, according to A source close to the issue said the clothing is in the “process of being donated.” I guess I can understand how that can happen because I have a bunch of coats in my hallway that are in the “process of being donated” too. But then again, I don’t have a political image to uphold. The RNC has not said when and where the clothing will be donated, so we came up with a few ideas for how it can recoup its investment.

  • Donate to Dress for Success, which provides work attire to women entering the workforce.
  • Hello! Donate to Goodwill, which has a headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • Sell the clothing on eBay, then donate the proceeds to a charity. The clothing might sell above cost if the RNC advertises the items as Palin’s hand-me-downs.
  • Have a sale exclusively for RNC interns.
  • Return unworn clothing to the appropriate retailer.
  • Send it to The Frisky. We won’t wear it (a little tacky for our tastes), but we’ll help get it to people who need it.