Nice Heels, Dude

Check out the boot to the left. Looks like something you (or your slightly slutty best friend) might wear, doesn’t it? While it is by fabulous female shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, this boot and its partner aren’t made for women. This is actually a guy’s boot, aka a “moot.” Weitzman custom-made this and a black patent-leather bootie with a silver heel for Justin Tranter, the lead singer of New York garage glam-rock band Semi-Precious Weapons. This is the first time Weitzman has ever done shoes for a man (in size 12 wide, no less), and Tranter adores his new kicks: “I love heels for two reasons: One, they make my amazing legs look even better and two, I love being able to make an artistic statement without even opening my mouth.” Spoken like a man who knows his shoes.