Grey’s Anatomy: Can You Really Break A Penis?

On last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” a show I don’t watch, but might have to, given this particular plot twist, Dr. McSteamy broke his ween. What? You can break a penis? You sure can! Back in college I wrote a sex column for my college paper, called “Ask Betty X” and I answered this very question. So well, in fact, that I am just going to refer to my 21-year-old alter ego’s thoughts on the matter, after the jump…

“So this is the deal: like a bone, an erect penis can break when hit with a lot of force. Specifically, he corpus cavernosum, a mass of spongy erectile tissue that fills with blood to give you an erection, can rupture when bent too far. There are two corpi cavernosum, one on either side of the penis, and in cases of bending trauma, one corpus will usually break. Blood from the ruptured corpus leaks into the intercellular spaces within the penis, causing a bruise. Bleeding outside a broken penis, however, is rare.”

I then went on to describe how to heal a broken penis, but I won’t go into the dirty details. Let’s just say, surgery, a 21-gauge needle, and peeling the penis skin back like a banana is involved. So be careful with your own McSteamy, ladies.