What Will Be Your Style In The Spring?

Pretty soon spring will begin to bloom in retail stores across the country, even though it is still rather frigid outside. This season you can get more bang for your buck by creating a streamlined, more cohesive style rather than buying a ton of stuff that doesn’t really go together. We explain the biggest trends this spring after the jump. Tell us in the comments which one appeals to you most.

1. Last winter I adopted this look that I called “Pauper Chic”–think “Sweeney Todd” with a healthy dose of sex appeal and lots of layers. So you can imagine how delighted I was to learn that “Depression Chic” will be all the rage come spring. This style is less depressing than you’d think. To remember happier, more prosperous times, you can dress like a flapper in glittery, swinging frocks. But if you want to go for a more understated, yet, just as happening style, then opt for faded sack dresses, high-waist skirts and pants in contrasting fabrics of plaid and calico. Also, don’t forget to layer, layer, layer.

2. We got a little tutorial in “Geometry Lessons” with heel shape and jewelry this winter. But for spring, designers took geometry to whole ‘nother level. They bent, folded, twisted and manipulated fabric in ways we’ve never seen before. But I caution against going too bold or big in one outfit.

3. “Goddess Worship” will always be in fashion as long as there are celebs and red carpets. Although, every woman should have a long, flowy dress in her closet, she shouldn’t aspire to dress like a Grecian goddess on a regular basis.

4. Instead, leave the Greek Isles behind and hop on the “Marrakech Express,” where Ali Baba pants, djellabas and turbans will turn you into a world traveler. Looking and feeling effortlessly comfortable and chic is key for this style. The fabric is flowy rather than structured and prints evoke a Moroccan sunset. Plus (and I’m so excited about this), jumpsuits are back!

5. I’ve never been a fan of gym wear as everyday wear, but I did rock wrestling boots when I was in college. This season “Sporting Goods,” like hoodies, running pants and bodysuits, morph into chic street wear. Just remember, these clothes may look utilitarian, but they’re not meant for the gym.

6. “Trash and Vaudeville” is one fashion extreme I’m not too sure about. I mean we shunned shoulder pads, ripped denim and shredded lace for a reason, right? But I’m not one to knock someone for their personal style, so I’m curious to see a fashionista reinterpret the ’80s.