Perfumers Find Inspiration In Odd Places

Perfumes that waft the scent of rose petals and jasmine, your time is up. What we would normally consider to be a not-so-sexy scent is now being bottled up, sold, and just might be the new aphrodisiac. Say goodbye to the conventional perfumes like Chanel No. 5 and Ralph Lauren’s Romance. New to the market are more unique perfumes with a totally bizarre top-notes. Photographer Nick Knight is working on a scent called Violence, which is supposed to smell like sweat. Gag!The concept came about when one of Knight’s photographs of a skinhead reminded him of the smell of sweat, boot polish and Indian food. He said it was the smell of violence, so he came up with an idea to recreate the scent for a perfume. In order to get just the right smell, he asked professional fighters to wear t-shirts during their fights and send them to him so he could extract the scent. Violence is a perfume that acknowledges we might take pleasure in the most unusual and unlikely smells and evokes the idea of “men in conflict.” Okay.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Boudicca has developed a scent called Wode. It’s the first perfume spray with pigment. A cobalt blue midst is sprayed on the skin and then disappears leaving only the scent — the spray dissolves through some chemical combination. The history behind this scent was Queen Boudicca’s tribe would mark themselves as warriors. The markings and colorations were associated with bravery and courage. Wode has hints of opium and poisonous hemlock mixed in. Dangerous!

Another designer getting into the perfume biz is Gareth Pugh with his scent, Diagonal. Pugh says the fragrance is a mix of dill, black pepper, nutmeg and black tea, but in one breath it smells like coconut and fig. This one doesn’t sound so bad, but maybe that’s only because the others smelled like ass? [Independent U.K.]

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