Are You An Internet Snoop?

If you’ve been guilty of snooping through your luvah’s internet history, you’re definitely not alone. A recent UK survey found that a whopping 70 percent of Brits regularly check their partners’ online activity. These aren’t isolated incidents — respondents admitted to snooping at least once a month to see if their partners had been surfing porn sites, trading sexy photos or love notes with anyone, or had been up to any other sneaky activities. “There really is nowhere to hide on the web anymore; especially now that people are so active online, with social networking sites and forums. People can post pictures or inappropriate comments that, when taken out of context, can lead to serious problems at home,” said study author, Steffen Ruehl. One of those sites Ruehl is referring to is Facebook, which has turned insecure, jealous people into total crazies, “with innocent photos with friends leading to massive lovers’ tiffs.” Honestly, if people are going erupt over some photos on Facebook, they had issues long before the social networking site became a cultural phenomenon.

Interestingly, one in ten of the respondents said they were just looking for enough evidence to kick their partners out. Seriously? If you want to kick someone out, just kick someone out! Do you really need a photo on Facebook of him drinking a beer with some pretty co-workers? []