The Five Stupidest Studies Of The Week

OK, so we here at The Frisky can be real geeks sometimes. We eat up any new information about biology, medicine or human behavior. However, we also come across the stupidest studies that just seem to “prove” “theories” that are just basic common sense. And then we think: “Really? Someone funded this crap?” After the jump, our picks for this week’s stupidest studies.1. Women aged 19 to 51 are more capable of spotting cute babies than men of any age and older women aged 53 to 60. [Live Science]
2. Trust in the media promotes health in young, married, high-income and highly-educated Asian women. These women also have a high trust in interpersonal relations and in the healthcare system. []
3. People who feel socially rejected by others are more likely to see the actions of others as hostile and are more likely to respond in hurtful ways toward people they haven’t met. [American Psychological Association]
4. Researchers used fish to settle the sperm competition debate and found that males produced larger and faster sperm when there was a promiscuous female around. [EurekAlert]
5. The length of a sperm’s tail doesn’t determine how fast it will move. Drag from the head and thrust from the tail also affect locomotion speed. []