Recession Romance: 12 Ways To Save Money Together

In light of our strained economy, how can you keep your love life intact and still scale back on spending? Whether playing the field or in a couple, there are a number of free (or cheap) ways to mind your wallet without sacrificing your dating life. After all, a recession won’t keep you from finding love, it’ll just make you more creative!FOR THOSE PLAYING THE FIELD

1. Dinner and a movie DIY-style: Instead of going to a restaurant and theater, grab a Netflix and cook your date dinner.
2. Free culture: Most art galleries and/or museums that normally charge entry fees, usually have at least one “free night” a week – take advantage!
3. Have a picnic: Grab a picnic basket with some home-made goodies, a comfy blanket and spend a romantic day in the park.
4. Free wine-tasting: Most wine shops feature free promotional wine-tasting events, a perfect (and educational) date!
5. Your own personal sunset: Take a stroll and let the sunset be the destination for your date -– pretty and, more importantly, free!
6. Get sporty!: How about getting a little down and dirty with your date? No, not that way – participate in a local or city-wide recreational sporting event: how about a game of ultimate Frisbee or touch football?


1. Lather up!: Light a few candles, maybe turn on your favorite music and take a romantic bubble bath together.
2. Eat in, but make it fun: Instead of spending cash on eating out, cook at home together –- try new recipes and new foods – for cheap!
3. See the sites: No matter what city, most residents rarely do the typical “tourist activities.” Why not take the opportunity to do some local site-seeing –– most tourist attractions are relatively cheap and monuments or scenic sites are usually free (and only cost a guidebook!)
4. Volunteer together: Nothing’s sexier than doing good.
5. Take in some flea market finds: Peruse local flea markets/garage sales with your significant other -– if you do buy something you know it will be cheap and even if you don’t, flea markets are always a fun excursion.
6. Start a photo blog: Why not create something with your partner? Spend some time out and about taking photos. You can even start a photo blog that your friends and family can follow and you can update together. It’s free and you’ll always have something cool to look back on!