Recession Romance: 12 Ways To Save Money Together

Jessica Amason | January 21, 2009 - 3:30 pm

In light of our strained economy, how can you keep your love life intact and still scale back on spending? Whether playing the field or in a couple, there are a number of free (or cheap) ways to mind your wallet without sacrificing your dating life. After all, a recession won’t keep you from finding love, it’ll just make you more creative!FOR THOSE PLAYING THE FIELD

1. Dinner and a movie DIY-style: Instead of going to a restaurant and theater, grab a Netflix and cook your date dinner.
2. Free culture: Most art galleries and/or museums that normally charge entry fees, usually have at least one “free night” a week – take advantage!
3. Have a picnic: Grab a picnic basket with some home-made goodies, a comfy blanket and spend a romantic day in the park.
4. Free wine-tasting: Most wine shops feature free promotional wine-tasting events, a perfect (and educational) date!
5. Your own personal sunset: Take a stroll and let the sunset be the destination for your date -– pretty and, more importantly, free!
6. Get sporty!: How about getting a little down and dirty with your date? No, not that way – participate in a local or city-wide recreational sporting event: how about a game of ultimate Frisbee or touch football?


1. Lather up!: Light a few candles, maybe turn on your favorite music and take a romantic bubble bath together.
2. Eat in, but make it fun: Instead of spending cash on eating out, cook at home together –- try new recipes and new foods – for cheap!
3. See the sites: No matter what city, most residents rarely do the typical “tourist activities.” Why not take the opportunity to do some local site-seeing –– most tourist attractions are relatively cheap and monuments or scenic sites are usually free (and only cost a guidebook!)
4. Volunteer together: Nothing’s sexier than doing good.
5. Take in some flea market finds: Peruse local flea markets/garage sales with your significant other -– if you do buy something you know it will be cheap and even if you don’t, flea markets are always a fun excursion.
6. Start a photo blog: Why not create something with your partner? Spend some time out and about taking photos. You can even start a photo blog that your friends and family can follow and you can update together. It’s free and you’ll always have something cool to look back on!