Quickies!: White House Sex, Aretha’s Inaugural Hat, Unabomber Role Play

  • A lot has gone on behind the closed doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., including a few love affairs and sex scandals. Check out how our presidents’ secret love lives shaped our values regarding sex and relationships as a nation. Just a heads up, the article doesn’t mention James Buchanan’s suspected homosexuality. [Your Tango]
  • Fighting for someone that doesn’t want to be with you hurts and is futile. Instead, close that chapter on your life. [Dear Sugar]
  • Is becoming a porn queen acceptable for a former beauty queen? Yes, it is, especially for a former Miss USA who enjoys combining her two passions–sex and acting. [Shine]
  • The bow on Aretha Franklin’s hat yesterday was huge, and the talk about it was just as big. Frankly, I wasn’t all that surprised by it. I was, however, shocked that her mile-long cleavage wasn’t on display. [New York]
  • PETA continues to use half-naked, writhing women to get its message across. But no one seems to be paying attention anymore. [Scanner]
  • A tabloid is in a tizzy because Knox Leo and Vivienne Marcheline haven’t been spotted in months. There parents are probably trying to preserve their innocence until their first birthday. [Popbytes]
  • Sting has a totally sexual role play excuse for that fugly beard…Really. [Candy Kirby]