Inauguration Day Missed Connections

After the day’s festivities, which included dancing until the early morning hours, the president and first lady were probably too worn out to have sex last night, but that doesn’t mean other people didn’t have fun! While there weren’t as many Inauguration Day Craigslist missed connections in Washington, D.C., as there were on election night, there were enough to prove that Obama really does bring people together! Keep reading to see a selection…Secretly Rubbing Hands/Groin at Inauguration – 36 (U.S. Capitol)

We stood next to each other during the President’s speech and your groin kept slowly rubbing up against my right hand (and my hand against your groin); I noticed you got hard several times. I didn’t want to be obvious given your wife/girlfriend was right behind me, but it was hot! I could have done that all afternoon.

You wore glasses, North Face grey jacket, blue cap, and red shirt with thermals. We were both directly in front of the Capitol steps but too far back to have a clear view. I pretended to move around to get a better view so that my hand could continue to touch you.

Write back and say hi.

Maryland Inaugural Ball, play that funky music – m4w – 23 (Mayflower)

My uncle hooked us up, let’s have coffee sometime.

Bearded guy on yellow line metro Inauguration morning – w4m – 28

Not sure when you got on the train, exactly (for me it was Huntington) but we were in the same CROWDED car around 8 or 8:30, heading toward L’Enfant Plaza. Then our train got diverted to Chinatown, where I got off and you stayed on.

You looked to be in your 20s, wore a hat, brown hair, had a beard. We made eye contact a few times. I was wearing a puffy gray jacket that made me ridiculously hot when we had to stand there crammed among the crowd.

SUCH a long shot…

Talked with you at Newseum on Inauguration Day – m4w – 47 (Friendship Heights)

just wanted to let you know I thought you were beautiful! You were standing in line behind me, my wife and son and we got to talking about the awesome day and line waiting and food.

let me know if you’d be interested in sharing some good moments together — I found you to be intelligent and attractive, would like to get to know you better….


Ari from Inauguration – m4m – 32 (Blue Ticket Line)

I never do this but you made me laugh pretty hard. We chatted for a bit and I commented on your 17 pieces of “flare.” Not sure if you’ll see this but if you do, drop me a note and tell me where you were from so I know it’s you.

You: Attractive, young, black woman at Obama’s Inauguration – m4w – 32

You noticed me and smiled. I was the tall (6’1), black man standing about 5 feet behind you. The energy there was more powerful than anything I have ever experienced but was peaked the moment our eyes met.

If you’re in the DC area, I’d really like to meet up, have coffee and talk politics.

Change has come!