Inaugural Memories Could Lead To Tattoo Regret

Sometimes a chocolate bust, comic book, pint of beer or T-shirt just isn’t adequate. Therefore, some Obama supporters have taken to inking their skin to memorialize this moment in history. One Washington, D.C. parlor is even running a promotion for people in town for the inauguration. Fatty’s Custom Tattooz and Body Piercing has christened this week “Obamathon,” where customers can get a free “Obama ’08” logo tattoo if they spend at least $200 on another tattoo. There have been multiple inquiries about Obama tattoos at Fatty’s and other Washington-area parlors, but, thankfully, only a few have gone through with it. Find out why I say “thankfully” after the jump. I, too, was so caught up in the excitement of Barack Obama that for a moment I considered getting a tattoo to commemorate his presidency. But then I realized he hasn’t proven himself as a president, yet. Sure, his tenure as a senator and his position on the pressing issues show promise, but can we really be sure? I take tattoos seriously for an obvious reason — removal is difficult, painful and expensive — so I’ve been inked only five times in ten years. Here’s the thing — when a person is tattooed she will have one of three reactions to her new body art; she’ll love it, hate it, or be in between. That’s a two-thirds chance of regret.

Obama has at least four years to prove himself as a vehicle for change, so I think his supporters should wait at least two years for some of that change to kick in. Then it would be totally appropriate to have the Obama logo or his face inked on their bodies. That is, if they still agree with his policies:

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