In Bed With … Matthew Fox

Born: July 14, 1966 in Crowheart, Wyoming
Sun Sign: Cancer
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Gemini
Mercury: Leo
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Cancer Love Style:

Known for playing the guy faced with great responsibilities (Jack on “Lost,” which returns tonight on ABC!) isn’t far from the actual Matthew. In real life, this honey bear is all about being the rock for others. To him, love is about home, community, family and security. Commitment drives him. However, with Gemini elements pulling him in various directions, he is most likely his own worst enemy when it comes to emotions, fighting with a “grass is greener” mentality. Because he likes taking on heavy challenges, the backlash is sometimes having a “chip on his shoulder” and an excuse to play the martyr. As moral as he wants to be, he struggles with his need for freedom, which can make his relationships rough. However, being a great speaker helps and as long as he says it, he’ll do it. The problem though is what he thinks is right can often be the opposite of what he feels and even his most stable relationships will have a sense of distance, as he resents, yet loves, being so “dependable.”

Sex Style:

Dirty talking and the unexpected are two major themes in this man’s bed. He’s not one that has routines and being that he hides his emotions and over intellectualize situations, you never know what side of him will pop up in bed. This makes his sex exciting if you like a mixed bag of nuts. What he’s after is mental and emotional stimulation and how he goes about it is 50% tradition and 50% curiosity. Chances are he’s not shy about sending dirty messages and probably has a healthy appetite for porn. Sure, he’ll come across lighthearted and playful in the game of romance, but in bed, he’s all business. However, when all is said and done, Matthew is a guy that cuddles — so no matter how raunchy he goes at it; the end always winds down sweetly.

His Type:

Matthew’s ideal is a fast talking lady that can make him laugh, be the mother to his children and be a mind reader. Yes, not an easy one to pin down, but irresistible to love, as he’s sweet, cuddly, funny and charming, but yet can go demented at any minute. He’s a walking contradiction, craving security, but always wanting change. Plus, he tends to be overly emotional and disorganized, which calls out for a lady that has a firm hand, patience for days and a wild sensibility. She has to always be able to keep him on his toes, but be a rock. Yes, his lady should be someone that can listen to him go on, give him space to be the way he is, but also be the one that takes no bull and can reassure him with a sense of love, nurturing and a sense of discipline —a mommy that can be a top and bottom and if this includes being good at spanking, it’ll certainly come in handy.

Astrosexologist Kiki T. is author of the ultimate astral to woo, coo, do and even shoo any man in the universe, “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook” and The Frisky’s Astrosexologist Extraordinaire. Check out her FriskyScopes every Monday and her advice column, Ask The Astrosexologist, every Thursday.