Strange Jewelry Designs By Lucy Rowlands

Lucy Rowlands is a 24-year-old, UK-based jewelry designer who makes wearable artworks. Her Oral Examination Device is a ring with a mirror attachment that comes with a set of instructions and enables its wearer to expose the interior of her oral cavity to others. “Be prepared for any adverse reaction from onlookers, as the revelation of such an intimate area may promote feelings of shock, disgust, arousal or otherwise.” Her Lollipop Gag combines a real lollipop and a pair of oversized, lacquered red lips; when you’re done sucking the lollipop, you can wear the lips. And her Good for You/Bad for You syringe pins are more Alice in Wonderland than heroin chic. Find out more about Lucy and her work at her blog: The Magpie and the Marble.

Photos used with permission of Lucy Rowlands at