Britney Really Is Just Looking For “Amy,” Really

Well that’s what U.S. radio stations want you to think after pressuring Britney Spears to change the title of her latest single, “If You Seek Amy,” which, when read phonetically, spells out “If” = F, “You” = U…get it? The title was meant to be sneakily suggestive, but truthfully, it wasn’t that sneaky. So changing the title to “If You See Amy” was pointless because everyone knows what it’s meant to be. Britney is still clinging to the idea that her music targets young women and schoolgirls, but I can’t think of one parent that would still allow her daughter to listen to Britney after all her scandals and emotional meltdowns. “All the boys and the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy” is the catchy chorus to the song, so clearly Britney is making music with adult themes. Now that a letter has been dropped, the lyrics and chorus make even less sense than they did before. [Pop Eater]