Five Tips For … Organizing Your Closet

Your closet may be the size of shoebox, but that’s no excuse for a T-shirt avalanche every time you try to get dressed. If every sweater, skirt, pant, and shoe is in its place, you’ll actually be able to see what you have, which means better outfits. We asked fashion editor Kelley Culp, who’s styled everyone from the Gossip Girls and Rachel Bilson to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Chloë Sevigny, how she organizes her closet. Here’s how she keeps her million articles of clothing in order…1. A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER: When you finally decide to weed through your wardrobe, choose a Saturday or Sunday. That way, you can trash your apartment and take breaks along the way – you’ll need them.

2. ORDER IS EVERYTHING: Arrange your clothes from left to right in this order: camisoles, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts and button-ups, thin cardigans, blazers, belts, short skirts, full skirts, and hanging pants.

3. LAYER, LAYER, LAYER: Put a hook on your closet wall and hang camisoles and slips from it – they don’t need to be on hangers. Thin cardigans are also good at sharing and can be draped on top of one another, at least two per hanger.

4. KEEP THE PLACE SHIPSHAPE: Put rolled-up magazines down tall boots to keep them upright, and clip similar colored tights together on skirt hangers so you know which color you’re putting on in the morning (realizing you’re wearing navy instead of black after you get to the office can be a day-ruiner).

5. GOODBYE DOESN’T MEAN FOREVER: If you can’t bear to part with a favorite item, give it to a friend and you’ll get to see it (on her) from time to time. Plus, you can borrow it when your heart is aching for it.

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