The Difference Between A Ladies Man And A Womanizer

The topic on the “Tyra Show” the other day was womanizers. I expected all the male guests to be overly-primped, self-absorbed playas. I was actually surprised by one guest, Ahmed, who described himself as ladies man rather than a womanizer. I started thinking about the real difference between womanizers and ladies men and realized what makes a ladies man different is transparency. Ahmed has had a lot of women. He admitted to sleeping with seven women in one day. The women were members of a bridal party and were cousins and sisters. “Freaks, straight freaks,” he said of the women. Now you could be thinking, “Ew, gross. Seven women in one day? He’s a whore.” But hold on a minute. Ahmed is more of a ladies man because he never led the women on. They knew exactly what they were dealing with when hooking up with him. And in exchange his partners experienced great pleasure and friendship, according to one of Ahmed’s former lovers who was also on the show.

A ladies man gets around a lot, but he is always real with the women he sleeps with. He knows he’s not interested in a real relationship and doesn’t play games. He knows how to pleasure a woman in many different ways. He can be a sexual partner, a confidant and an escort.

Sean, another guy on the show, on the other hand is a total womanizer. He lecherously goes after women and uses really weak game to get their attention. He doesn’t offer anything besides empty promises, but some women still aren’t able to see through his game. The sad thing about Sean is that he doesn’t realize how pitiful he is. He’s trying to convince himself more than the women that he is indeed intelligent, confident and a world traveler.

So what’s your take on this debate? Is there a difference between a ladies man and a womanizer? And what have your experiences been with these types of men? Tell us in the comments.