Quickies!: White House Designer-In-Chief, J.Lo’s Lame Missing Ring Excuse, Lady Gaga Fashion

  • You should be watching “Friday Night Lights,” even if you don’t like football. The show features one of the most realistic portrayals of a married couple on TV today. [Your Tango]
  • Michael Smith has been tapped to redecorate the White House for the Obamas, but we’re really not impressed with his Los Angeles home. It looks like he was designing a showroom to not look like a showroom. [DominoMag.com]
  • Etiquette expert Emily Post thinks women shouldn’t spend their morning commute performing their grooming routine. A quick swipe of the lip gloss wand is OK, though. [Dear Sugar]
  • Jennifer Lopez didn’t wear her rings to the Golden Globes because it didn’t go with the dress. Now, I’ve never heard a fashion critic put a celeb on the worst dressed list because her ring didn’t go with her dress. [Perez Hilton]
  • Bikram…Ashtanga…Hatha…Picking a yoga class can be as difficult as taking the verbal section of the SAT. Just so you won’t choose the wrong class, here’s what you need to know. [Shine]
  • Now you too can dress like Lady Gaga. Check out her fashion inspirations in this video. [MySpace]
  • This Zucca Black Jumper Skirt looks like a wool chastity belt. And why does it cost $228? [Candy Kirby]