You Are Not One Of The Most Important People In Sex

This month, Playboy pronounced the most important people in sex. Their number includes Playboy CEO Hugh Hefner, “Sex and the City” creator Candace Bushnell, and Jenna Jameson. Daniel Radosh makes the case that sex is one of the most important cultural influencers of the modern age. “Reading the Playboy list, what quickly jumps out is that sex is as much a cultural force as a private act,” Radosh writes. Talking to list creator Chip Rowe, Radosh finds out which erotic icons didn’t make the cut, Bettie Page, Larry Flynt, and Dan Savage among them. Where the list is most remiss, Radosh ventures, is in featuring not one African-American on it. Where’s LL Cool J? Radosh wonders, seeing as “hip hop’s sexual (and frequently sexist) swagger has become the erotic lingua franca of young Americans of all races.” Of course, today the computer tops the list of the 21st century’s leading erotic pioneers, leaving the once cutting-edge Playboy on the locker room floor. [The Daily Beast]

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