Frisky Q&A: Perez Hilton Talks Red Carpet Suicide

Depending on whom you ask, Perez Hilton is either the “Queen of All Media” or the proprietor of “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Website.” Born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents, the 30-year-old actor-turned-blogger runs the celebrity gossip site that has redefined Hollywood coverage. Whether he’s adding splooging penises to photos of stars’ faces or shoving Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris kicking and screaming out the closet, Hilton has neatly positioned himself alongside the infamous to become a virtual celebrity. After the jump, the notorious blogger talks about his new book, how to blog, and who should play him — and his love interest — in his biopic. The Frisky: What’s made your blog so popular and “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Website”?

Perez Hilton: I think people appreciate the fact that I work really hard. My readers know that every time they visit my website, there will also be something new there, because I update more than any other gossip website updates. And I don’t think I’m the most hated. Or maybe they just love to hate. I don’t care either way. I just care that people are reading the site.

F: Do you ever feel conflicted about what you post?

PH: Thankfully, for every two people that like me, there’s probably three that don’t like me and another two that are indifferent. I prefer that. It helps keep my big fat head in check and helps keep me really grounded. The website is called — it’s not the New York Times. I don’t try to be objective, nor do I want to be. I have opinions, and that’s why people visit my site, to see what I have to say. That’s the great thing about the internet. If someone disagrees with what I say, they can leave a comment and voice their own opinion.

F: You’ve published a book: Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide on Keeping Up With the Hiltons. Why a dead-tree version?

PH: Because I’ve always wanted to write a book. I wanted to show people that I could write in full paragraphs. The website is a very different platform. It’s all about the headline and a short description. I’m trying to communicate my thoughts to my readers in a quick way before they move on to the next story. So the book is more of an extension of my website, where I can communicate to people more in detail, and about timeless items and not just the breaking news.

F: What do you make of Britney’s “comeback”? Is she an over-medicated has-been or a Tinseltown survivor? Who do you think she should she date post-Adnan?

PH: She’s definitely not a has-been, as proven by the success of her new album and the success of her tour. I would definitely call it a comeback I still think it was a little too soon, but she’s definitely turned her life around. As for dating, I think she should date her bodyguard. You know, someone who has her best interests at heart and is traveling with her. Actually, she already dated a bodyguard of hers once. Maybe she can do it again.

F: Any plans to turn your life story into a movie? Who would you like to see play you, your BFF, and your love interest?

PH: No plans. I’d like Seth Rogen to play me, I’d like Madonna to play my BFF, and Zac Efron to play my love interest.