How To Be A Better Kisser (From A Man’s Perspective)

You know how the Possom, the Kangal Fish, and the Rattlesnake are among the worst things a guy can do while kissing? Well, believe it or not, men also have preferences when it’s time to pucker up. These tips really aren’t difficult to incorporate into your kissing routine, so you’ll be new and improved by Valentine’s Day.1. Pause before you go for the smooch. A well-timed pause before a kiss will increase the passion flowing between the two of you. And you’ll be able to savor the moment a little more.
2. Lean to the right; that way, you don’t risk bumping heads or some other awkward moment.
3. Close your eyes because most people look really funny when they’re kissing. If you kiss and peep, he might get the impression that you’re sizing him up, which will lead him to be self-conscious.
4. When it comes to kissing, nothing is sexier than a confident and firm, not overly aggressive woman, so take the lead.
5. “Just lip-to-lip contact is the missionary position of kissing,” said one of the men interviewed. Your hands should definitely get in on the action. It shows you’re enjoying yourself and are almost uncontrollable.

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