Buying Obama: Crazy Products Bearing The Name Or Face Of America’s Next President

Barack Obama will be sworn in as America’s forty-fourth president on Jan. 20, but ever since he began running for office, he’s been seen differently than other presidents and candidates. What’s so different about Obama? Well, he’s marketable. During the campaign, there were artsy Obama posters, T-shirts, and buttons. That was nothing. Now, there are more Obama-related products than we can handle.

  • Do you think Obama looks good enough to eat? Well, he is if you’re talking about the chocolate bust in his likeness, known as the Choc-O-Bama ($20).
  • Obama will make an appearance tomorrow’s Marvel Comics Issue #389. In it, he gets inaugurated, pursued by an evil doppelganger, and exchanges a fist-bump with Spider-Man — awesome.
  • A corner store in LA is selling bottles of water featuring images of the president, his family, and the presidential seal. We doubt the President-elect or his darling girls drink this stuff.
  • Piece Brewery and Pizzeria in Bucktown, Chicago, created an InaugurAle brew, and Obama apparently asked the restaurant to send it to the inauguration. That didn’t work out, though. Piece’s owner was told he had to send the beer to Washington in bottles, not kegs, and they couldn’t comply.
  • A few products, including Bearack Obama, ObamaLlama, Broccoli Obama, and Obamajamas, are awaiting trademark approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Ben & Jerry’s launched a yummy new patriotic flavor, “Yes Pecan,” available this month only with proceeds going to the Common Cause Education Fund.
  • A maple skateboard deck featuring an image of Obama is out of stock at
  • Zazzle has Obama Keds in its custom store, which are actually pretty cute if you don’t mind having a man’s face staring up at you from your shoes.
  • Designers such as Zac Posen and Derek Lam designed special T-shirts and totes in honor of Obama’s inauguration as part of the Runway to Change designer initiative. If you’re planning on buying some kind of commemorative souvenir, these are the cutest we’ve seen.
  • What crazy Obama products have you seen lately?