Quotes From The Next Secretary Of State

The hearing to confirm Sen. Hillary Clinton as the next secretary of state began today. And although Clinton isn’t facing much opposition, she fielded many questions regarding issues affecting the United States. Here’s the gist of what Clinton had to say… …On her role in Barack Obama’s presidential cabinet: Although the State Department has been underutilized in recent years, said Clinton, she will be “firing on all cylinders” if confirmed.
…On America’s international reputation: Her goal is to “renew America’s leadership” in a world that has undergone an “extraordinary transformation” since the end of the Cold War and is now facing “great peril.”
…On protecting the interests of the U.S.: “We must use what has been called ‘smart power,’ the full range of tools at our disposal. With ‘smart power,’ diplomacy will be the vanguard of foreign policy. American cannot solve the most pressing problems on our own and the world cannot solve them without America,” said Clinton.
…On the crisis between Israel and Palestine: “This must only increase our determination to seek a just and lasting peace agreement that brings real security to Israel; normal and positive relations with its neighbors; and independence, economic progress, and security to the Palestinians in their own state,” she said
…On Iran acquiring nuclear weapons: She said this would be an “unacceptable outcome.”
…On North Korea: In order to minimize the regime’s role as a producer of nuclear technology and deadly weapons, Clinton favors a “tough, reality-based approach to North Korea.” She supports the six-party talks to pressure North Korea into changing it’s behavior, but she has “no illusions” about the challenge ahead.
…On the sex slave trafficking and imprisonment: Clinton said women’s rights issues are “central” to American foreign policy. “We cannot have a free, prosperous [and] progressive world if women are treated in a … discriminatory, violent way,” Clinton said. She pledged to do everything possible to eliminate “a slavery of girls and women” that exists in forms ranging from a disparity in wages to captivity in brothels.