The Seven Best Moments Of The Golden Globes

1. Kate Winslet Wins Two Acting Trophies, Calls Angelina Jolie “The Other One,” & Declares Love For Leo DiCaprio
2. Colin Farrell Jokes About Doing Cocaine

3. Mickey Rourke Wins Best Actor, Gets The Finger From Darren Aronofsky, & Thanks His Dogs

4. Tracy Morgan Accepts Award For 30 Rock, Declares Himself The Face Of Post-Racial America, & Calls Out Cate Blanchett

5. Tina Fey Wins For Best Actress In A TV Comedy & Tells REAL Blog Commenters To “Suck It”

6. Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor Award For “The Dark Knight”

7. Sacha Baron Cohen Insults Madonna & Guy Ritchie