Hypothyroidism Credited For Model’s Figure

Last month we asked if you thought Karolina Kurkova, the Victoria’s Secret model under fire for gaining weight, was fat. Kurkova wasn’t even included in pre-show materials for the 2008 Victoria’s Secret fashion show because it was a last minute decision to let her strut the runway. After snacking on pretty much nothing but veggies and “green juice,” she managed to lose enough weight to be included. “She really porked out,” a woman at the show was overheard whispering. “It’s good she dropped a little bit of weight, but really … ”Well, it turns out there’s a medical reason why Kurkova, who was voted Sexiest Woman in the World by E! last year, put on a few pounds. According to an insider, the 24-year-old Czech beauty’s “weight issues” are caused by hypothyroidism, which affects 27 million Americans. Yes, that’s the same medical ailment Oprah credits for her recent 40-pound weight gain. Looking at photos of Kurkova, I can’t help but wonder where I, too, can get hypothyroidism, if it means the possibility of looking like her. [Perez Hilton]