Ten Ways To Squeeze In More Sex

Just because you lead a busy life that doesn’t mean you should put “have sex with significant other” in your PDA! If you want to keep your sex life spontaneous, you need to begin to see even the most mundane activities of your day in a more sensual context. Remember, what’s really sexy is not always being available, but when two people lead independent, exciting lives. Follow these suggestions and you’ll keep sparking each other for years to come. 1. Make sure to multitask.

Many women are under the misconception that sex is an activity that needs your full and undivided attention. Not true! In fact, you can have some of the best sex of your life while doing double duty. Hop in the shower together to get clean and dirty at the same time. Get through dinner with your boss by discreetly teasing your man under the table. Multitasking of this manner is not recommended for activities that do require all your attention, like French braiding hair, making stir-fry or Sudoku.

2. Put your kiss on his list.

If the quick kiss you give each other when you leave for work has become automatic, spice things up by savoring the moment. Try going for his neck instead, or playfully bite his lip when he comes in for a smooch. Save the dry pecks on the cheek for grandma.

3. Don’t reciprocate.

Sex doesn’t always have to be a “you rub my genitalia/I’ll rub yours” proposition. If you set up a dynamic in which every sexual action is tit for tat, you not only risk falling into a routine, but you make sex into a project rather than a pleasure. Next time you’re pressed for time, let him take care of you — then zip up your jeans and be on your merry way. (Just remember to let him be on the receiving end, at least some of the time!)

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