Five Things To Know About Sally Hawkins

Sally Hawkins beat nominees Meryl Streep, Frances McDormand, Emma Thompson and Rebecca Hall for best actress in a musical or comedy at last night’s Golden Globes. She picked up the award for her role as a schoolteacher in Michael Leigh’s “Happy-Go-Lucky.” Although Hawkins has been acting on stage, film, television and radio since about 1999, she hasn’t been on our radar. But her win, not to mention her, uh, extremely thin frame, caught our attention, so we thought it fitting to honor her by learning a few things about this soon-to-be household name.

  1. All or Nothing,” which was also written and directed by Leigh, was Hawkins’ big break. She plays a working-class woman who embarks on an emotional journey.
  2. Hawkins thinks actors should be more grateful for their careers. “Actors who take themselves so seriously and carry on as if everything’s a chore,” she said. “That really pisses me off. I think, how lucky are you to be here? Lighten up! You never know when it might be taken away.”
  3. Hawkins might have been a writer like her parents if she didn’t start acting. She writes short stories, but none have been published yet. She has, however, starred in several book adaptations.
  4. She has written and starred in the comedy sketch show Concrete Cow on BBC Radio 4.
  5. After seeing her at the Golden Globes, it’s hard to believe Hawkins hardly wears makeup. “I’m crap with makeup,” she said. “It always makes me panic when I have to dress up and try to look good. I find it uncomfortable.” Instead, she prefers to adorn herself with big, bold jewelry. She’s been known to wear big earrings, an over-sized ring and a chunky bracelet all at once.