Oprah’s Sex Diagram

As you know, Oprah has been enlightening the masses about how to live their best life. This past week, she covered relationships, intimacy, and sex, with Friday being saved for sex. Dr. Laura Berman was on the show yesterday helping couples get over their intimacy issues, and she had one couple do an exercise where they numbered parts of the body in the order they wanted their partner to pay attention to each part during foreplay. The partner filled out another form saying what order he paid attention to her body parts. Then, they compared to figure out what areas they should be spending more time on, and which they were wasting their time on. Man, these people were clueless about what one another wanted. The sexless human drawing is kind of creepy, but wouldn’t it be useful if you kept your chart on hand so you could hand it over and say, “Here, this is what you need to do to turn me on” to whomever you were hooking up with? [Oprah.com]